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I love telling stories and writing communications that impact customer behavior.

Hi! I’m Kristin, I love to write, and solve problems. Clear, concise, and well-written content is key to any business, and I hope to find my home on a marketing team in need of a reliable copywriter.

I have experience in many industries including IT, transportation, recruiting, education, and more. No matter where I’m working, I love creating successful copy that is clear, direct, and drives engagement.

I've worked in marketing for major brands, non-profits, large corporations, educational institutions, and as a freelance consultant. I can easily adjust my tone and writing style to suit any decision maker or theme. 

I am very used to workshopping writing both in a group setting and with an editor, and I have no qualms about incorporating suggestions. I’ve been a newspaper reporter, and I’ve written about topics I had to heavily research. I know exactly how to find a great source for a given topic. 

In my spare time, I also write movie and television reviews, and work on scripts of my own. I have a passion for creative projects and I think it only serves to bring creativity and insights to my professional work.

Want to know more? Check out my resume or email me.

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